Уважаемые партнеры!
Обращаем ваше внимание, что после выплаты партнерского вознаграждения в июле, последующие выплаты будут проходить только раз в ДВА месяца.
Для получения выплат раз в неделю просим вас переходить в новую версию партнерской программы Webmasters.Coomeet.com.
Dear Partners!
Please, note that after the partner interest payout in July, all the subsequent payouts will be made Bimonthly.
To receive weekly payouts please, update to a new version of the affiliate program Webmasters.Coomeet.com.

What is the Fast video dating?

The application that provides users with fast search and video-chat with people from all over the world. Just specify your gender, location and gender of desired person to talk with and the service will pick up the most suitable person for you to chat.

How can I join the Affiliate Program?

1. You can create your own website with unique design and embed our app into it. Application is very easy to install and do not require any special technical knowledge. Here is the example of the website with embedded application: russianchat.ru
2. If you are the forum owner you can expand the functionality of your website by installing our web-toolbar. Our toolbar-constructor which can be found in the Settings section will help you to create your own toolbar with personal settings. Example of the website with installed toolbar: rusexforum.ru
3. In case of you do not have your own website you can send users directly to our promo-website with the link like this http://123fastvideodating.com/?ref_id=1&p=kristina
4. If you are already our partner you can invite a webmaster willing to become our partner to the Affiliate Program. In this case you will get the 5% of his income.

Where do i get the invite which is required in the Affiliate Program registration form?

1. Get it from a friend who is already registered in our Affiliate Program?
2. Email us the request on support@123fastvideodating.com or find our manager on Skype - fastvideodating

How much money do i get?

70% of all payments made by your users + 5% of your referrals income.

Will users pay and do it frequently to allow me to gain profit?

Access to the Service is paid for men, women use service for free. Also users have an opportunity to give gifts to people they talk to.

How and when the money is paid?

If your account balance is greater than 50$ you receive the payments every Thursday automatically. Money will come to your account in one of the three available Payment Systems. Webmoney, Paxum and PayPal are available at the moment. If you did not get the payoff please check up whether your account balance is greater than 50$ or not.

How user can make a payment?

Currently there are 3 ways to make a payment but we’re working on increasing the number of payment methods:
1. SMS (more than 10 countries)
2. Bank Card
3. Webmoney